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By: Shortlist  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Hiring Process

Typical Hiring Process

In the typical hiring process outlined below, Shortlist will handle all red items as part of a standard assignment, black items are treated as optional extras and grey items are handled by the client.

  • Decision made to hire new person
  • Role scoped (selection criteria identified)
  • Advert copy written
  • Advert placed
  • Receiving of applications
  • Tracking of applications
  • Sending information packs
  • Reviewing of resumes
  • Prescreening
  • Recording of personal data for easy reviewing by Hiring Manager
  • Ranking of applicants
  • Initial shortlist compiled (top 25%)
  • Telephone Prescreening
  • Interview Appointment Time Made
  • Interviews
  • Final shortlist compiled
  • 2nd Interviews
  • Decision made to hire
  • Notification sent to all applicants
  • Hire appointed

Advertising Copy

In order to find the right candidate, you need to throw the net wide. Any advertisement needs to provide necessary information that makes the job attractive, yet minimises irrelevant applications.

Advert Placement

Receiving of Applications

Tracking of Applications

A record is kept of every applicant and what stage in the hiring process they are at.

Information Packs

If you have a position description or an informaion pack available we can arrange for a copy to be sent to each applicant.

Reviewing of Resumes

All applicants resumes are thoroughly reviewed. Once the assignment is finished all applicants, their resumes and their data is handed to the client. Copies are kept for 1 month and then are destroyed. Shortlist does not operate a resume database nor will Shortlist transfer applicants from one client to another.


To reduce the number of unsuitable applicants we can arrange for prescreening to take place either when they apply or after the resumes have been reviewed. A charge may apply.

Recording of Applicants Personal Data

All applicants details are loaded into a spreadsheet for easy reference by the client. The details will include all contact details, their resume, covering letter and their suitability compared to the selection criteria. It will also include all details of correspondence between the applicant and Shortlist.

Ranking of Applicants

Based on your selection criteria Shortlist will rank all applicants into 3 catergories; 1. Suitable. 2. Could be suitable. 3 Unsuitable.

Initial Shortlist Compiled

Telephone Prescreening

Interview Appointment Time

An additional charge of $200.00 + GST is applicable if appointments are made for interview times on your behalf.

Notification Sent to all Applicants

All applicants are notified as to whether or not they are successful in making the shortlist. We have templates available or you can supply your own.

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Keywords: Hiring Process