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By: Shirley's Kitchen  06-Dec-2011

Simply peel away the casing and slice like salami. This is a great addition to any antipasta platter and is particularly nice served with wine and cheese.

Fig and walnut log is great as a sweet treat with coffee. Either serve as above or, for an extra delight, shape into balls and dip into melted chocolate.

It is a wonderful tramping food. It requires no refrigeration, is high in energy and fiber, and tastes great.

Freeze the log and grate it over ice cream.

Use as a filling for a sweet torte. For example, spread some fig and walnut log into a cooked pie shell, top with fresh walnuts and drizzle with warm honey. Warm slightly and serve.

Use as an ingredient in a savory flan. For example, spread over a the base of a cooked flan, top with slices of rare roast lamb, chicken or duck, drizzle with demi-glaze and bake until done. Serve hot.

Use fig and walnut log as a stuffing for duck, pork or lamb.

Roll into balls and dip in melted chocolate, then roll in chopped walnuts. Chill and serve.

Crumble and mix into a fruit compote. Serve warm or cold.

Freeze and grate over whipped cream in a rolled pavlova. Serve with a walnut liqueur.

Dissolve some fig and walnut log with brandy to make a sauce to serve with cake.

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