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By: Sheeperino  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Cheese, Sheep Milk

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Italian pecorino style seasoned cheese

“Il Canestrato” is the traditional Pecorino cheese produced in Abruzzo, a region on the Adriatic coast of Italy, using traditional mould or weaved basket (in Italian “canestro” from which the name “canestrato”) , We use these baskets to produce our Sheeperino cheese, made only from fresh sheep milk and rennet and seasoned for at least 45 days.


Fresh & Mild Cheese

Made freshly every week from sheep milk and rennet, this cheese has the consistency of tofu and the same use as feta, but has no salt added. Ideal in your toasted sandwich, a perfect complement to any salad, an addition to milk protein adding to vegetables and fruit. Caciottella come from another generic name for cheese in Italian cacio, from which derives caciotta, caciocavallo, etc.


Soft & Low Fat Whey Cheese

Ricotta is a fresh cheese, creamy, slightly sweet and low-fat (typically around 5% fat), with a finely grained texture and a pure white color. Delicious on its own on toast, with honey or fruit, it is so versatile, can be added to almost any Italian recepe. The name “ricotta” means “cooked again” (”re-cooked”) in Italian, referring to the second processing of the whey to produce ricotta.

Keywords: Cheese, Sheep Milk