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Keywords: Mental Health, Mental Illness

Family/Whanau Support

Our Support Worker can assist you to acknowledge and understand mental illness in a family member or a friend. We can help with

  1. Advocacy
  2. Education
  3. Support groups

We can meet with you, your family, wh


nau and friends at your place or ours.

How To Access Our Services

If you are concerned about someone's mental health and want some support you can

  1. Call us or drop in
  2. Ask your GP or other health professional to refer you

You are welcome to bring a family/wh


nau member for support


We can provide advocacy for you and your family/ whanau at appointments with agencies working with your family member or friend.

  1. Support and information on mental illness
  2. Mental health recovery and self-care
  3. Care and Crisis Management
  4. The Privacy and Mental Health Acts
  5. Consumer rights, family rights and other related subjects
  6. The latest research into mental illness via our internet
Support Groups

Support groups for family, wh


nau and carers meet bi-monthly providing opportunities to meet others who are experiencing similar situations. Our groups promote peer support and social networking allowing families/wh


nau to share their stories.

Community Education

About Like Minds

In 1997 the Ministry of Health initiated the Like Minds, Like Mine programme to reduce the stigma and discrimination faced by people with an experience of mental illness. Providing funding for both nationwide and community based programmes.

"One of the biggest barriers to recovery is discrimination. That is why stopping discrimination and championing respect, rights and equality for people with mental illness is just as important as providing the best treatments and therapies".

Blueprint for Mental Health Services in New Zealand, November 1998.

Nationally, there are 26 regional Like Minds, Like Mine providers around the country undertaking a wide variety of anti-discrimination activities with their local communities, community groups, marae, government departments, organisations, businesses and their local media.

Like Minds Like Mine

Address and reduce stigma and discrimination by:

  1. Increasing leadership by people with an experience of mental illness
  2. Addressing organisational stigma and discrimination
  3. Working with local media
  4. Addressing internalised stigma
  5. Working with all areas of the community, particularly our Maori & Pacific Island communities
  6. Community workshops

Recovery from mental illness is enhanced when people are accepted, understood, believed in and given the same rights and respect that other members of the community enjoy.

We have speakers available who are able to address audiences on a wide range of topics relating to mental health. There is also the ability to tailor workshops and times according to identified needs.

Training And Presentations

Hearing Voices That Are Distressing

This interactive workshop gives participants insight into some of the challenges faced by people with experience of mental illness. During the worshop you will hear a simulated experience of hearing distressing voices whilst undertaking a series of activities.

Hear some of the Like Minds team share their personal stories about mental illness and their recovery.

The workshop concludes with a debrief and general question and answer session.

Stigma and Discrimination

This interactive workshop facilitates reflection and learning about the stigma and discrimination people with experience of mental illness face. Participants will hear some of the Like Minds team share personal stories about stigma and discrimination around mental illness and recovery.

The workshop concludes with a general question and answer session.

Both workshops are 3 hours in duration and cater for up to 20 participants.


Our funding allows for the provision of some workshops on a free/koha basis and others on a charged fee for service basis. This is negotiated when you make a request for a workshop. Please call for further details.


Our Resource Information and Support Centre is a welcoming place where you can access a wide range of information and resources:

  1. Mental health, illness and related disorders
  2. Internet access to mental health information and to update c.v.'s, apply for jobs online etc
  3. Social service agencies in the Wairarapa region
  4. Videos/DVD's on mental health with comfortable viewing facilities on site
  5. Access to government services information
  6. Access to educational and training course information
  7. Facilities for students doing mental health research or studies
  8. Information on legal issues, human rights and privacy, health and disability
  9. Information in Te Reo and some Pacific Island languages

The Centre is:

Open to all and operated by a pool of volunteers

Volunteer Programmes

Do you have experience of mental illness and want to be more involved in your community or do you want to step back into the workforce?

Our volunteer programme:

  1. Supports you to develop confidence
  2. Supports personal development
  3. Offers a variety of learning opportunities
Peer To Peer Support Groups

Groups for men and women where you help yourself to get things back on track by learning to:

  1. Build self esteem, assertiveness
  2. Identify and develop coping skills
  3. Change negative thoughts to positive ones
Members And Friends

Meet new people, make new friends. This group meets the second Wednesday of each month at Supporting Families at 10:30am for a shared morning tea and to hear a guest speaker.

Books can be borrowed from the Resource Centre

Keywords: Mental Health, Mental Illness