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By: Senergy  05-Apr-2012

Senergy’s formation integrity technology (FIT) team is one of the world’s leading independent geomechanics groups.


We have worked on a wide range of sand management, wellbore stability, production enhancement, PWRI and cuttings re-injection projects for many operators, from small independents to super majors.

Wellbore stability

Senergy’s geomechanics team combines its skills to enhance wellbore stability. We allow you to drill your well and keep it stable through the overburden and reservoir, hence minimising non-productive time.

Sanding prediction and control

Our FIT team is wholly dedicated to optimising clients’ sand management strategies from drilling to abandonment. We assess the probability of sand failure and sand production over the life of any well, and deliver the practical advice required to alleviate sand production concerns.

The formation integrity team blends its skills with Senergy’s production technology and formation damage specialists, to optimise sand management decisions. To complete the package, we assess and design formation stimulation and production enhancement opportunities while evaluating thermal fraccing, produced water and cuttings re-injection, and geomechanical challenges of CO2 disposal schemes.

Formation damage

The term ‘formation damage’ covers any reduction in near wellbore permeability, which results from activities such as drilling, completion, production, injection, attempted stimulation or any other well intervention. We can assess the risk and mitigate such damage during drilling and production, in addition to examining the extent of subsidence, compaction or casing damage in high depletion scenarios.

Production enhancement

Senergy’s production enhancement success is derived from a unique blend of skills which focus on the key connection between the reservoir and wellbore. From pore scale identification of damage mechanisms through to optimum sandface completion design, we use extensive geological and engineering experience to increase production, and optimise injection

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