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By: Selwyn River Stud  06-Dec-2011
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Welcome to an overview of some of the services provided by Selwyn River Stud

1.         The Service Fee of  $                  plus GST is due within 30 days of receipt of account   from Selwyn River Stud of a 42-day positive pregnancy test.

Should the mare leave Selwyn River Stud prior to a 42-day test, it is the mare owner’s responsibility to arrange a veterinary pregnancy test at this time and inform Selwyn River Stud within 10 days of the result.
Any Discounts  are only valid if payment terms are met.


2.         The Live Foal Guarantee, by way of a return service to the stallion, will apply only if service fee and related charges are paid when due.

3.         A return service will be honored if the mare:
(a)        Does not produce a live foal, slips or has a dead foal. ( Vaccination for abortion virus recommended )
(b)        If the mare dies during the term of the pregnancy a free return service will be provided subject to receipt   of a veterinary notification of cause of death.

            A veterinarian’s report and certification of the time and cause of death of mare and/or foal must accompany all claims under this guarantee.

4.         The right of a return service may be lost if:
(a)        The mare is exported or sold during the term of pregnancy.

            (b)        The mare owner is negligent in providing adequate management to the mare at pregnancy and at foaling, and thus contributes to the death of the mare and/or foal.


5.         All Veterinary Charges are the responsibility of the mare owner.

6.         Selwyn River Stud Charges:
(i)         Agistment - summer rate $8.00+gst per day dry mares, $10.00+gst per day wet mares.
- Winter rate $14.00+gst per day for mares. (Haylage/ hay fed daily).
- (Fully Irrigated property).
(ii)        Hard feeding, boxing or individual paddocking etc., by arrangement at the cost of the mare owner.
(iii)       Foaling fee is $350.00 + GST.

            (iv)      Weaning fee $450.00+GST, includes full education - boxed, taught to lead and tie up, feet handled.

 7.        Mares will be drenched on arrival at Selwyn River Stud and about six weekly thereafter.
The cost of drenching and farrier costs will be charged to the mare owner as carried out.


8.         Selwyn River Stud reserves the right to withhold service from any mare at its discretion.

9.         Selwyn River Stud shall provide all care and attention, but shall not be liable for any loss, damage or claims from sickness, injury, disease or death caused to or sustained by this mare/foal whilst under the care of Selwyn River Stud and staff.

10.       Selwyn River Stud has recourse to the Rules of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing for collection of fees due in the event of non payment of the service fee and charges.

11.       The owner agrees that they will be liable for collection fees and late payment fees if they do not pay services and related charges by the agreed time.

12.       Interest at the rate of 2.0 % per month may be charged on overdue accounts. 

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Keywords: Mare, Pregnancy