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By: Seeking Publicity  06-Dec-2011

But those who cannot set aside any time for this can employ the services of Seeking Publicity to fulfill the role for them.

The following options are all important in developing positive relationships with clients, particularly when it comes to credibility and reputation management. You will notice the company also offers a newsletter publishing service.

Other products and services from Seeking Publicity


Publicity Packages | Seeking Publicity

Press releases are similar to stories you see in your daily newspaper, but they are sent to journalists and editors to encourage them to produce stories on the topics covered. Any business that wants to reap the benefits of this over an extended period needs a knowledgeable and experienced press office in their corner.


Distribution | Seeking Publicity

Seeking Publicity will also follow-up with the outlets the release is sent to, maximising its chance of coverage. Seeking Publicity will then distribute your release directly to these people in the format they prefer. Seeking Publicity has a database of 3000 New Zealand journalists and editors. You will receive a list of the target media.


Copy/Editing | Seeking Publicity

As well as writing promotional material from scratch, Seeking Publicity also edits the work of business people who have written drafts themselves, but want a professional to cast an eye over it. Professionally written promotional material sends the message that you run a professional business.