Seed Treatment - Product Prillcote Grass

By: Seed Treatment  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Grass Seed

Prillcote® Grass is a seed coating developed specially for aerial oversowing.

Prillcote® was the first seed coating product developed in New Zealand and was introduced to improve establishment of grass on New Zealand’s hill and high country. The lime based seed coating adds weight to the seed (100% net increase), providing superior seed ballistics in comparison to uncoated seed.

Prillcote® Clover seed coating contains:

Prillcote® is recommended for all grass seed established via aerial oversowing.

Keywords: Grass Seed

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Ultrastrike, Superstrike, and Prillcote® are registered trademarks of PGG Wrightson Seeds Limited and contain pesticides which are registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997. For Grass Grub protection a minimum sowing rate of 15kg/ha is recommended. For undersowing into existing pasture.


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Superstrike Grass seed treatment is recommended for spring and autumn grass sowings where Argentine Stem Weevil or Black Beetle pressure is likely to be a limiting factor during the establishment period. Superstrike Grass is a ‘flimcote’ seed treatment providing broad spectrum protection during plant establishment against three of the most prevalent and costly pasture pests in New Zealand.


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