Well integrity - Seawell Corporation

By: Seawell  06-Dec-2011

Maintaining well integrity throughout the life of a well is a never-ending challenge for operators. Well integrity failures can result in serious health, safety and environment hazards, undermine well performance and increase well operating costs. And the need to secure hydrocarbons in more difficult locations, the increasing complexity of wells, and the rising number of ageing wells all add to this challenge.

With this in mind, Seawell has developed a range of cutting-edge technologies aimed at securing well integrity from the well construction phase right through to abandonment. Specifically, our well integrity technology addresses three key challenges: cemented annulus integrity, well suspension and integrity diagnostics.

During well construction, Cflex technology provides a gas tight solution for precision primary or contingency staged cementing. Unprecedented flexibility is offered through multiple open and close valve technology and the option to install in one or more casing and liner sections. Optimum annular seal integrity assurance means that V0 rated Cflex can be fitted with confidence, and without compromise to the ID and OD of the string.

For secure well suspension, VMB well barrier plugs are resettable, retrievable and V0 rated under ISO 14310, which demands gas tight isolation with zero leakage. No drill pipe is needed below the plug, so installation is easier and faster. VMB technology is proven through 600 successful deployments and provides an absolute seal - for temporary suspension or permanent abandonment without the use of cement. In short, operators enjoy more flexibility and far greater security.

When it comes to well integrity management, Seawell has developed the industry's most efficient and accurate diagnostic resource, the Point diagnostic system. Point uses innovative, high definition, ultrasound technology for fast, accurate fault location and greater operator confidence in managing well integrity. Point's combination of sensitive ultrasound technology and Seawell expertise takes the reliability of well integrity surveys to a new level. And the quality, accuracy and clarity of the data delivered enables operators to manage well integrity failures far more time and cost effectively.

Together, these technologies are taking well integrity assurance to a completely new level.