SeaDragon - Product Range

By: Seadragon  06-Dec-2011

Omega 3 oils are refined from Hoki, which naturally have a higher Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) to Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) ratio. Hoki is a species found in abundance in New Zealand waters and one of the few sustainable managed fisheries in the world. Product is packed in 200L drums or bulk containers.



Typical Application

Concentrated Omega 3

Concentrate of Omega 3 with > 43% Omega 3, and a high DHA content (DHA >26%) from Hoki oil. Clear rich golden oil.

Ideal as a dietary supplement to help support cognitive function, cardiovascular health and conditions requiring anti-inflammatory activity.

Refined Hoki Oil

Clear golden yellow oil Contains a natural balance of omega-3?s EPA 6%: DHA 10%. 

Suited for use as a dietary supplement for brain and cognitive function, immune support and skin cell support. 

Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil is sourced from sharks which are a by-catch from deep sea trawlers fishing for deep water species. Squalene is manufactured via fractionation from Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil. Product is packed in 200L drums or bulk containers.