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By: Scorch Design + Illustration  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Branding, Business Cards, Logos

What do we do?

At Scorch, our specialist areas of design include branding & identity work, print design and illustration, however our services are not limited to these. With our industry contacts we can facilitate almost anything you have in mind by way of graphics and design, including website development and design, video production, and photography.

Branding & Identity

Logos are more than just a pretty image - they’re the core of your marketing, representing the very essence of your business. Often your logo and branding will be the first point of how your company is perceived, thus influencing your potential clients decision to choose you over your competitors. We love working with businesses and organisations to develop their logos, and corresponding branding material such as business cards and stationary, to show who they are and what they stand for, so they effectively stand out in a crowd.


How do we do it?

Every project comes with unique requirements. At Scorch we employ a wide range of skills and processes to complete work depending on the specific brief to make sure of the best and most effective result.

The specific process varies slightly from project to project, but here is our basic outline of the process we use -


Step 1 - Consultation + Quote
We discuss the requirements of the required job in as much detail as possible. We find that meeting in person
is often the most effective way to discuss projects, however where this is not possible phone or email
correspondence is also fine. Following the meeting, we provide a quote based and a job description outlining the technical aspects involved.

Step 2 - Research + Concepts
We start by researching applicable information and images associated with your project, followed by conceptual designs which we provide to you for assessment and correspondence discussing the ideas presented.

Step 3 - Development
We take your feedback and build on the concepts, going through the process of designing and getting your feedback until we have come to a final design.

Step 4 - Finishing
We can now complete the finishing stages, which vary depending on your project. Branding work may lead on to developing print material or if it’s a print project we organise the actual printing of the design.

Keywords: Branding, Business Cards, Logos

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