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By: Scafit  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Construction, Seating, Working Platform

Residential Scaffolding

Scafit Innovative Scaffolding Solutions
New construction, maintenance or additions, Scafit can provide safe working platform and edge protection at all heights and elevations for all tradesmen’s requirements.

Commercial Scaffolding

Meeting large or small access requirements on construction sites requires effective communication, planning to meet client’s needs. Scafit Innovative Scaffolding Solutions
prides their performance and availability to provide solutions to time requirements.

Industrial Scaffolding

For more challenging work environments, Scafit are leaders in their field and use the advanced “Layher” scaffolding system to solve any access requirements.

Suspended Scaffolding

The Layher system has all rated components with safety solutions to suspend scaffolds. This provides clients with a cost effective solution at heights.

Stairway Accesses

Stairs provide immense efficiency to access platforms and moving gear compared to traditional ladder accessed scaffolds. Widths can be extended up to 3m to provide high traffic flow stairs if required. Scafit - Innovative Scaffolding Solutions for your business.


Aluminum or heavy duty steel mobiles can be constructed to give maximum flexibility and mobility where ground conditions are level.

Balustrade Clamps

Falling from height - Scafit has innovated attachments to solve this hazard as a low cost solution.

Roof Edge Protection – Residential

Any trade, especially Roofers need a solution to eliminating the risk of falling while on task. Scafit have a range of design solutions using the Layher system to provide full edge protection complying with Department of Labour requirements.

Loading bays

A valuable addition to any scaffold to store building products at height. Can integrate rubbish shuts and access bays.


Large, safe and sturdy stages are easily work for the Layher systems, and sound/lighting towers can be easy integrated depending on needs. Scafit - Innovative Scaffolding Solutions for your staging needs.

Pedestrian Gantry

0.75 – 3m wide gantry’s can be constructed to provide pedestrian protection against falling objects. Scafit - Innovative Scaffolding Solutions for your pedestrian gantry needs.

Bird Cage Scaffolds

A key innovation from Layher with the 3m long reinforced transom, enabling large spans to be coved without compromising loading capacity and safety. Scafit - Innovative Scaffolding Solutions for your bird cage scaffolding hire needs.

Terrace Seating

A standard innovation of most countries around the world providing seating for public events. Scafit - Innovative Scaffolding Solutions for your seating needs.

Weather Protection

Can be provided to protect work in progress from elements of nature. Scafit - Innovative Scaffolding Solutions for your weather protection needs.

Site Fencing

Protecting the safety of others off site is a growing requirement of any construction site. Scafit provides a range of 1m and 1.8m high lockable site fencing that is “hi-vis” orange for site recognition. Scafit - Innovative Scaffolding Solutions for your site fencing needs.

Keywords: Construction, Scaffolding Solutions, Seating, Working Platform