By: Sasit  06-Dec-2011

SASITcan source and provide a range of products to meet pretty much any customer requirement. As an organisation we work on the customers behalf to identify the overall needs and requirements of the customer's business before architecting a solution that will most closely align with those needs and priorities.

In support of that outcome we have formal supply arrangements with many organisations including HP, SUN, IBM, NetApp and of course Microsoft. In addition we have purchasing arrangements with most other manufacturers either directly or through distribution, and as such can identify the most appropriate set of products for each individual organisation.

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The SASITdeveloped Quickstep:2e, which was developed by our development team to provide a level of functionality that would have otherwise remained unavailable to our customers. Quickstep:2e provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to applications developed in CA 2E (formerly Synon) and is available for download off the website.

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No two organisations are really the same, packaged applications are great for businesses that are similar to many other businesses; however where an organisation has a specific way of working, or a specific environment that is unique to their business, then developing a custom application is the answer.



We concentrate our activities on writing the more difficult systems where integration is more typically a key component, whether that integration is between web front end and back end systems, or more complicated system-to-system integration. To meet the live resolve target our service desk representatives require extensive skills in systems and systems support and are very capable at answering even the harder and more difficult questions.