By: Sasit  06-Dec-2011

Develop a difference

No two organisations are really the same, packaged applications are great for businesses that are similar to many other businesses; however where an organisation has a specific way of working, or a specific environment that is unique to their business, then developing a custom application is the answer.

Developing a strategic advantage through the effective use of software is a SASIT speciality.  Typically SASIT has been contracted to work with organisations on the analysis and design of specific solutions, and then their development and integration, enabling SASIT clients to create or maintain their competitive differentiation.

If your organisation has a strategic advantage, or a unique way of working, and you can't find the systems available that support that way of doing business, then look no further than SASIT. We will build a solution that matches your business, rather than forcing your business to match a package. 

Custom Software Development

SASIT’s  team of multi-skilled and committed development staff are experienced in the complete development life-cycle and will take your initial ideas and current business processes and turn them into business applications.  These applications will give you the functionality to run your business more cost effectively, efficiently and with the competitive edge that you require to succeed.

SASITdevelopment specialists have experience across a wide range of NZ industries including Manufacturing, Finance, Insurance, Health, Retail, Waste, Oil, and Public sector.

We provide a full suite of Software Application Development services across several development languages.  Namely in RPG/RPG ILE (3GL), Synon now CA 2E (4GL), .NET and Java.

These services include

BA Defining, capturing and translating business or functional requirements
Scope Developing technical specifications and project estimates
Design Designing a suitable software solution
Develop Building an agreed software solution or application
Mobile Building software application for mobile uses
Test Testing various aspects of an application or business system
Implement         Deploying a software product or application
Integrate Bridging that dataflow to and from disparate applications or databases
Migrate Converting software applications or databases between technologies
Upgrade Bringing software applications or databases up to date
BI Specialised database and reporting work
Audit Independently reviewing your application and make recommendations

Support and Enhancement

As your business grows so too do your computer system requirements.  To ensure that you keep up with the challenges of your market and the demands of a growing business it is important that you have competent staff to support and enhance your computer applications.  SASIThas a team of very competent staff dedicated to this task.  We maintain a policy of having a minimum of two people fully able to support your business applications - one main support contact plus a backup person in case the main support person is not available.

Don’t just take our word for it

 NZ Automobile Association

 “SASIT understands our business, our data and our requirements. That has meant it not only provides NZAA with a secure and dependable service supporting our infrastructure, but also enables our membership-facing staff to offer the service that we are now renowned for. “I appreciate the commitment to making things happen with the minimum of fuss to provide the maximum benefit. We rely on SASIT to keep our critical membership database not only online but also continually developing its potential to improve our services to our members.”

Doug Wilson, NZAA CIO


 “SASIT maintained and operated the BP Merchant system with 100 percent uptime over the last five plus years. SASIT successfully implemented a number of changes to the application and operating systems resulting in a faster and a more user-friendly system. The service provided is excellent – we could not ask for more.”

John Machin, BP operations and project manager.


 “Given the evolving nature of our needs and requirement for dynamic support, Metrix would not have been able to progress the initial implementation of the Smart Metering solutions without SASIT providing the necessary IT skills. The continual developments meant the rate of change was challenging, but SASIT delivered when we asked. Not only did they manage hardware vendors but they also leveraged comms and database vendors. “SASIT has contributed significantly to the success of our project to date.”

— Blair Jones, METRIX

Other products and services from Sasit



As an organisation we work on the customers behalf to identify the overall needs and requirements of the customer's business before architecting a solution that will most closely align with those needs and priorities. In support of that outcome we have formal supply arrangements with many organisations including HP, SUN, IBM, NetApp and of course Microsoft.



We concentrate our activities on writing the more difficult systems where integration is more typically a key component, whether that integration is between web front end and back end systems, or more complicated system-to-system integration. To meet the live resolve target our service desk representatives require extensive skills in systems and systems support and are very capable at answering even the harder and more difficult questions.