By: Sanitize Systems  06-Dec-2011

The increasing spread of mutated flu strains, viruses, molds, and even biochemical terror threats have prompted a need for a preventative service. Sanitize Systems is proud to offer this service, and not only one that can neutralize these biological outbreaks when they occur but prevent them from ever happening.

Our service consists of a 3 step program: First we diagnose the current level of contamination and treat it thoroughly. Second, we assess the daily human and biological traffic levels. Third, we set a schedule of future treatments based on the traffic levels to ensure the highest air and health quality environment possible.

Typically the initial treatment is more intense and, depending on the level of contamination, may include HVAC scrubbing and disinfectant fogging, surface area wipe down and overall area disinfectant fogging. The scheduled treatments commonly consist of disinfectant fogging the desired area to ensure that any introduction of biological hazards is neutralized.  

Through the use of the Sanicloud MST, our trained application professionals can treat your location with MDF-500 at an amazing rate of speed (80,000 square feet in approximately 4 hours). The water-based disinfectant kills pathogens on contact and moisture in the air re-activates the killing of harmful pathogens. MDF-500 leaves no toxic residue and is truly the new "gold standard" for protecting facilities as part of an industrial hygiene program.

As a service client of Sanitize Systems you will relay to your employees and customers the understanding of microbial threats and that you are able to protect your physical sites (thereby also, protecting your ongoing business operations). Scheduled applications of MDF-500 as part of your service is also a great preventive measure against seasonal virus threats before they become a problem.

The extremely fine droplets of MDF-500 created by the Sanicloud MST leave the treated area dry and will not affect even the most delicate of materials including; carpets, upholstery, furniture, leathers, and even silk.

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The ultimate ULV fogger for those looking to confidently achieve complete coverage of any contaminated area. This portable fogger can be used for many applications including restoration, industrial, and Jan-San. The MST-1 is a ULV fogger designed for medium to large coverage area applications. Arrive at the job site with the confidence your equipment was built to last. Apply MDF-500 to thousands of square feet in a matter of seconds.