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Olwynne Cade -
Living Guide
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published by Sanctuary House Media - 2011
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THE CHAKRA SYSTEM is the powerhouse of the body. It is integral to our wellness and wellbeing and holds and connects our soul to our body. If the Chakra System is not functioning properly then neither will you. It is important that we do regular work to maintain its proper function. By working regularly on your Chakra System you will find it much easier to live a balanced life and develop a higher level of spiritual understanding. In the first part of the Meditation, I guide you through a body relaxation process, followed by the opening and connecting of the Chakra System. Then you are able to spend some time in deep meditation before I return you to the present. With trust and practise you will eventually be able to do this by yourself.
I trust that you will find it an inspirational tool to guide you on your spiritual path. May you always shine brightly, Olwynne Cade – Living Guide 
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