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By: Sally Mabelle  06-Dec-2011

Conscious Communication CD

1. Introduction

2. Self Awareness

3. Identifying feelings and needs

4. Needs/Feelings Lists and the Messages of Emotions

5. Heart-Thawing

6. Daily check-in

7. Nonverbal Communication

8. Beware or Feelings will Really Rule (BFWRR)

9. Assertive Speaking

10. Empathetic Listening

11. Self-Empathy

12. Mirroring or Reflecting

13. The Four Behaviour Types

14. Inspirational Closing

You'll Learn

  • How to:Build and maintain open and trusting communication with others.
  • Strengthen your awareness of your own feelings and needs as well as the feelings and needs of others.
  • Increase your ability to express yourself clearly and directly.
  • Listen to others with empathy so they'll feel heard.
  • Identify your own behavior strengths and challenges in communication.
  • Adapt your communication to different types of personalities.
  • Express yourself assertively without offending others.

    You'll Gain

    The skills you need to communicate more effectively, especially in challenging situations.

    It's Suitable

    Anyone who is wanting to improving their communication skills especially in relationships.

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