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By: Salesatwork  05-Apr-2012


At SalesAtWork, we believe the services that surround a cloud application can make the difference between a smooth transition to a new way of operating, or a drawn out process that saps time and energy. The promise of Cloud Computing, is of ease of access, without the need for intensive internal resourcing. SalesAtWork delivers on this promise, with its set of services which have been uniquely setup, to rapidly guide organisations along the path to process improvements, in both the short and longer terms.

We recognise that a mobile sales or service management solution will bring about change to your organisation as it impacts on process. At every phase of the process covering:

  • Getting started
  • Operating live
  • Learning
  • Evolving

We are there to answer your questions realistically and practically. With its industry ready solution, SalesAtWork service people speak the language of business and not the language of technology. SalesAtWork aims to provide a consultative experience, without the need for consultants, acting as your single source solution.

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Mobile Cloud Solution : SalesAtWork - product

Above all, it gives the greatest return on investment, as it is the most comprehensive and cost effective mobile sales force management solution in the market. Yet simple system for your mobile sales or service teams and redefines the principle of doing more with less. More product features, less add-on applications, it is a single source mobile sales management solution. More business focus, less diversion from time driven customisation.


SalesAtWork Services : Cloud Delivery and Support - getting started

The SalesAtWork delivery model drives off the philosophy of ‘the cloud’, and provides a consultative experience, without the consultant overhead of time lag and cost. We have developed a unique methodology that allows us to get you going in weeks, yet does not compromise on good deliver practise. Our methodology aims to put you in the position, to easily manage your Sales management process.


Mobile Cloud Solution : SalesAtWork - collaboration

SalesAtWork ensures collaboration is not just a 'soap box' for idle chatter, but rather a core thread that ties all operational elements into the sales process with actions and discussion threads. Your ability to communicate and interact without delay, across all your key stakeholders is a key element of the sales process. SalesAtWork provides the ‘glue’ to allow the sharing of operational information across the complete work flow chain.


SalesAtWork Services : Cloud Delivery and Support - pricing

Being a cloud delivered Subscription Service, SalesAtWork allows businesses of all sizes to access the most comprehensive, flexible and cost effective mobile sales management platform. We do offer an advanced an ‘Coaching’ service on a set fee basis, where you would like to extend the business boundaries, specifically to your organisation.


SalesAtWork Services : Cloud Delivery and Support - evolution

That ensures you have an extremely low risk profile and provides with you the peace of mind, that SalesAtWork cares as much about you using the product, as you do. Before moving with a major update, you get to review it within a staging environment, to allow you time to ensure it will not adversely impact your operations.