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By: Sales Partners  06-Dec-2011

In industries such as technology, engineering, professional services and manufacturing systems, or if you are offering a customised solution then your sale will have complexity. There maybe multiple people involved in the decision, possibly across more than one business, and possibly across more than one country. In these situations there will be a multitude of perceptions of issues, and of what the required solution should be, making lead times long.

If you are not equipped with the skills and knowledge to communicate value, and differentiate yourself from your competitors, then buyers will have difficulty in understanding the value of the solution you provide. They will decide on price.
Frustrated sellers spend time on the wrong opportunities, asking the wrong questions, unable to gain access to senior decision makers, and submitting proposals that go nowhere, while buyers are making poor decisions, choosing suboptimal solutions and end up being dissatisfied clients.

If you are ready to win more business, reduce sales cycle time, and build and defend existing business, and you are committed to achieving mutual business results with your clients, Sales Partners International can help.