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By: Sales Impact Group  06-Dec-2011
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October 19, 2011

I was guest speaker at a meeting a few weeks ago and a chap I was chatting to was telling me that after 18 years of having 3 women in the house now that his daughters had left he was having to learn how to talk again!
My thought was he must have been a very [..]

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August 24, 2011

A question I am often asked is “Are there natural born salespeople that we should be looking for?”
My answer to this is there is no such thing as a natural born salesperson.  There are salespeople with the “gift of the gab” who make good sales but they tend to lack consistency in their results.
Contrary to [..]

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September 1, 2010

We have been looking at the key obstacles in the buyer’s mind which we need to answer before we can progress the sale.
The first of these was the different needs of buyers depending on their roles within the business.
We identified 3 potential buyer levels –

Middle Management level
Senior Management
Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors

Then we looked [..]

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July 14, 2010

We have looked at the different type of buyers you are likely to encounter and more importantly their specific needs you will have to address with your solution with each type of buyer.
The next of the big five obstacles is “No Money”.
Unfortunately for many of us in sales the majority of prospects we meet do [..]

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June 17, 2010

In my last article we finished with a statement from Zig Zigler which stated –
“Every sale has five basic obstacles –
No Need, No Money, No Hurry, No desire, No Trust”
Traditionally trainers spent a lot of time in showing tricky ways to overcome these obstacles/objections.  The issue of course is when you are overcoming objections you [..]

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In my last ramblings we looked at overcoming the “no hurry/no desire to change from the current supplier or serviced provider” obstacle.Today we will look at the key reasons salespeople don’t ask for the business.In fact surveys conducted with the fortune 500 in the States showed that 62% of presentations finish without the salesperson actually.


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Recently I was questioning a sales manager about the number of new sales interviews each of her sales team did each week.Her answer was that a week probably wasn’t the right duration – more like a month.When I asked how many they were doing a month the answer was that they would be lucky to.


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As has been discussed in earlier articles, sales teams need to have a process to follow when presenting to new prospects to ensure more consistent closing ratios.In my experience very few companies I have seen have taken the time to identify the most effective process for selling their products or services which brings me to.