Managed Service

By: Safetsmart  05-Apr-2012

The Obsidium Managed Service provided through our New Zealand based Service Desk can provide a wide range of services and deliverables appropriate typically for smaller organisations without their own dedicated Health and Safety resource.

  • We assist in preparing a comprehensive Health and Safety manual for your organisation. This will be based around existing manuals and processes, if applicable.
  • We establish an Accident and Incident register allowing detailed statistical analysis to take place around individuals or groups within your business enabling trends to be identified so that they can be eliminated.
  • We complete and maintain hazard registers allowing identification, prioritising and control implementation.
  • We establish training, information and supervisory records for each staff member.
  • We establish maintenance records for all plant and equipment allowing work scheduling to take place.
  • We ensure first aid and emergency requirements are met.
  • We establish the correct platforms for effective contractor management.

As part of the administration service provided by Obsidium our customers receive:

  • Easy to read reports for your business requirements.
  • Accidents and incidents are recorded and reported to OSH or Ministry of Commerce.
  • Reminders of actions required maintaining compliance. For example audits, inspections, hazard reviews, training and maintenance.
  • Updated hazard and training reports to reflect changes in staffing, attendance at training, new plant, new tasks, or new products etc.
  • On-going review reports to ensure that you are always up to date with your organisational Health and Safety requirements.

The ongoing administration of Health and Safety issues by Obsidium ensures that our customers are always up to date with all relevant issues allowing them to focus on your day-to-day business, leading to improved productivity and profitability.