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By: S4 Security  06-Dec-2011
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Many people don't realise it, but electronic equipment needs servicing! Backup batteries need to be tested and replaced regularly to ensure they work if the power goes off. Cameras & monitors need to be cleaned and refocused to ensure the best possible images are captured. Intercoms need line-level adjustments and spider cleans done. Access control locks need specilised cleaning and lubricating to ensure they secure and release as designed. Security alarm sensors need to be tested to ensure they have the correct range, and are calibrated correctly. Other security system service checks include testing to ensure sirens & strobes are operating,and telephone lines and backup diallers are operating correctly.

Some fully integrated security, CCTV, access control or intercom system installations can cost in the order of many thousands of dollars. If you do not service and maintain this equipment, it could fail you at the time you need it most.
Servicing your security systems can be compared to servicing a car. In many cases we even continue to service our cars when they are worth a very small fraction of their orignal purchase price.
Because we want them operate reliably when we need them.

Here at S4 Security we are able to do all the different checks and service work that your system requires.
In fact, in most cases we are also able to service systems installed by other security companies.

As a business, how would you like to know that you could pay a fixed monthly charge to cover all your security requirements? This would surely make budgeting much easier. As a further unique offering, we are able to offer an 'insurance' type service contract. This contract provides comprehensive cover including monitoring costs, equipment replacements, monthly reports, in-fact, anything that you might consider your business requires in the way of security*.

Give S4 Security a call today, and see what they can offer you or your business in the way of security mantainence or service offerings.

* Special Conditions Apply.

Keywords: Security Alarm, Security Systems