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By: Ruyi  06-Dec-2011

  • All surfaces/carcasses to be templated must be complete, flat and level. The final of the worktops can only be as good as the level of the units supporting them.
  • We accept no liability for problems caused additions or alterations to the furniture or appliances ect. after the templating has taken place.
  • If replacing existing worktops they must be removed .This allows the carcasses to be viewed and assessed and advice can then be given if any additional work needs To be carried out before the new worktops could be fixed
  • Gas or electric hobs must be available on site or delivered to our factory.
  • Sinks must be on site at the template stage,If we are fitting your worktops we will fit the sink at the fitting stage
  • Inset sinks and taps must be disconnected but available on site.
  • Any units to be fitted directly on top of the worktops must be fitted after the worktops (recommended) or on adjustable wall brackets to give adequate clearance. It is not acceptable to leave a gap and expect to slide the worktops under.
  • If any walls around the worktops are to be plastered or altered in any way they must be done either before templating or after fitting the worktops.
  • We would request that you or a trusted representative be present during templating to agree all relevant details such as overhang, joints and height of splash backs ect. Advice can also be given at this point with regard to any alterations and/or additional work that would need to be carried out before the new worktops can be fitted.
  • Unless specified, we reserve the right to use our own judgment regarding all overhangs but accept no responsibility if these are later found to be unacceptable.
  • Where templates are supplied to us by you they must be to actual finished size. All requirements must be clearly marked on the template including edges to be polished ,position of tap holes ,splash backs with correct polished edges ect. All joint positions must be clearly marked “GRANITE JOINT” (material constraints permitting).All internal cut-outs (hobs, sinks and hand wash basins ect) must be cut out accurately and separate templates from the manufacturer supplied. All templates must be numbered i.e. 1of7 2of7 ect.
  • If any of the above conditions are not met, we will use our best endeavors to template but take no responsibility whatsoever for any misinterpretations.
  • We offer a great range of Services to enhance our stone and granite workTops for Kitchens, bars, Bathrooms and a wide selection of Fireplaces etc
    Granite Templates& Fitting Services
    A templating and fitting service can be provided by us for your convenience. Dates for these would be arranged by us at the time of your order confirmation.
    Templating Conditions
    In order for us to process and manufacture projects as efficiently and accurately as possible, it is essential the following points are carried out prior to us templating on site