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By: Rubbish Free  06-Dec-2011

Let the creative juices flow!

These are what we used before the iPad & the Kindle, all those years ago!

If you're reading this then you probably get all your news online..but it is nice going old school in the weekends with a newspaper so they soon build up, and then what do you do?

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Going old school with some good old fashioned hair removal rubbish free. How to stay rubbish free while caring for your teeth and gums. Smell fresh without causing an environmental stink.


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Around 1.6 tons of raw material are needed for an individual computer - and that's just making it, we're yet to dispose of it. In an environmental boxing ring rechargeables will KO disposables every time. An essential tool of the modern office, here's the Rubbish Free solution. Instead of plastic or nylon string get a ball of real brown string. Handy cut up and used as memo pad paper..reuse before recycle.


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You really need them to be allies in your campaign against rubbish than rather than adversaries in which case you might lose the war. Clip on a trailer, and you'll be amazed at what you can do on the humble treadly. Information on rubbish free brushes, cloths and DIY cleaners.


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Go with the old school compost pile, worms, bokashi, whatever, just make sure you're not one of the Kiwi's for whom 40% of their landfill waste is organic matter. Great exercise, beautiful food, healthy soil..whats there not to love about gardening. How to keep your pool and spa in tip top condition rubbish free.


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This was the hardest thing for us to give up for the Rubbish Free we didn't. All the way from Liscannor, Co. Clare, Ireland comes this cracker of a bread recipe. Bags for your groceries and your fruit and veggies - make your own or buy a set. Buy oil in a glass bottle and then refill at the bulk food store - simple ay. Joining foil, paper and plastic together makes recycling very difficult.