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By: Rubbish Free  06-Dec-2011

Relax! We're not going to suggest abstinence!

How to reduce the environmental impact of these great labour saving machines.

Bags for your groceries and your fruit and veggies - make your own or buy a set.

Outta the way Jamie - let me into the kitchen!

Now that you've found this site, you won't need these ay?

It's not all as it seems unfortunately.

I know you've heard it before, but it really is easy to bake your own bread! If you're really not into it, there's a couple of other alternatives.

Muesli anyone?

The key to being rubbish free is the bulk food store! If it wasn't for them things would become a lot harder.

Being wrapped in paper, butter is a good substitute for margarine.

This was the hardest thing for us to give up for the Rubbish Free we didn't!

The average person using cling film with their lunches will go through 105 meters of plastic wrap every year - we don't need to!

Great tasting coffee that is fresh, organic, fair trade, and with sustainable packaging is now pretty easy to find..awesome!

It depends where you live as to which containers will be accepted for recycling.

After years of going without, I can't believe how easy it is to make rubbish free crackers..crackers!

Flour, rice, sugar, raisins, nuts, seeds..all that good stuff!

According to Wikipedia, the US Department of Agriculture categorizes eggs as meat within the Food Guide Pyramid due to the amount of protein they contain!

Anyone else a big fan of fruit salads with a bit of vanilla ice cream?

Ways to get your herbs and spices without the rubbish.

Hard to beat on a winter's day in front of a fire..or any other time for that matter!

Ice cream without the plastic.

All the way from Liscannor, Co. Clare, Ireland comes this cracker of a bread recipe!

Try and get stainless steel, cast iron, wood, glass & ceramic so that when things break or wear out they don't have to be sent straight to landfill.

Make your own!

Steer clear of the supermarket isles and go in search of your local butcher or fish monger.

Buy a cow? Yeah, you're right, bad idea..

Here is the recipe we use for our muesli bars, it is awesome!

Its true, no kneading required!

Buy oil in a glass bottle and then refill at the bulk food store - simple ay!

Crunchy, salty potato chips would have to be one of life's blessings, but the mixed material of foil and plastic is a recycler's curse..what to do?

Finding salami without a plastic wrapper creates a joy that has to be experienced to believed!

Cooking oil, soy sauce, syrup and all that good stuff

Doh! We could've been making our own all this time!

Peanut butter, jam, honey and the like.

Quick and easy without the rubbish..kinda hard to do if you want to be healthy sorry!

Naturally rich in antioxidants but how to get it rubbish free? Well apparently Lady Gaga knows!

Joining foil, paper and plastic together makes recycling very difficult!

Good bless the Asian food supermarkets!

Its hard to get more nutritious food with less rubbish then the humble veggies!

Make your own - and we don't mean with a sachet!

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