QB Access SE - Overview

By: Rssbus  06-Dec-2011

Like 'Google Search', for QuickBooks!

QB Access SE offers blazing fast full-text search for QuickBooks through an easy to use Web application that you, or your team, can access from anywhere. It is just like having your own Google Search for QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.

What’s more, QB Access is packed with other powerful including database synchronization, multi-user accessibility, and advanced integration extensibility with other systems, applications, and platforms through the unique Service-Enabled™ features of the RSSBus AppServer framework.

How It Works

QB Access is a self-contained Web applications that works by first connecting to QuickBooks, synchronizing data, and building a powerful full-text index of QuickBooks items. This index provides users with ultra-fast search capabilities across QuickBooks items and fields.

Through the easy-to-use Web interface, users can quickly search QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online accounts and access this data from any Web browser. By default QB Access searches across all fields and items, however end-users can easily filter their search results through the straightforward Web interface. QB Access removes the friction involved with accessing accounting data and empower users across your organization with the ability to quickly find business data.

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AS2 Connect SE - Overview

AS2 Connect SE has been written to run on top of the RSSBus AppServer platform, providing a new capabilities such as cross-platform support (Windows, Linux, Mac), integrated 'AS2 restart', Very Large Message support, full OFTP V2, FIPS 140-2 compliance, and more. AS2 Connect includes advanced security and messaging features unavailable in solutions costing ten times as much. AS2 Connect is free to use with a single trading partner.