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By: Rsg Media  06-Dec-2011
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Zoox Digital Media Tools for Order Management and Analytics

Maximize Upsell. Drive your bottom line.

Until Zoox, digital publishers’ ad operations had been suffering without the proper analytics and proposal management tools that enabled them to maximize every revenue opportunity and streamline their proposal management process. Zoox offers digital publishers and ad ops professionals flexible solutions for Order Management and Analytics.

Order Management Made Easy

Zoox Plan Builder makes sales operations easy by managing the creation of sales plans, and making critical information visible in order to optimize plans from inception to completion.

Plan Builder was designed to provide you with levers that offer 360 degree results, across all functions of ad operations.

Proposal & Contract Management:

  • Build, track and organize evolving deals
  • Powerful search promotes better visibility into your inventory
  • Incorporate rate card and inventory information in your contracts


  • View inventory availability in the Traffic Dashboard
  • Visual cues immediately identify plans that are under delivering
  • Make optimization decisions quickly

Finance Reconciliation: Facilitate the billing process with a competent system

  • Accurate billing will promote better workflow
  • Validate delivery data against billing reconciliation

Benefits and Features of Plan Builder

  • Easy to use, intuitive UI design enables client to work quickly and precisely
  • Facilitates powerful, flexible search of full suite of products in order to meet business needs of your advertisers and your sites.
  • Provides immediate access to available inventory by assorted or combined product criteria
  • Cross department approval queue ensures that all sign-offs and artifacts are in place prior to start date of campaign and issues warnings if items are missing.
  • Lowers cost of integration and implementation – all our data is available via API so we  support integrations with CRM systems, various ad-servers and 3rd party consolidators.
  • Monitors campaign delivery including 3rd party delivery data in Traffic Dashboard. Visual cues immediately identify plans that are under delivering.
  • Speeds billing reconciliation process with a smart system that captures accurate information.
  • Reduces finance overhead and lost revenue by highlighting outstanding billable items and ensuring data consistency.

Actionable Analytics Delivered

Zoox Analytics uses advanced mathematical models to predict inventory availability and recommend dynamic pricing that help publishers and sales managers maximize the return on inventory.

Sales managers across the digital publishing industry are asking their pricing and inventory teams:

  • How much inventory do I have for a DMA? How much targeted to adult males?
  • Do I make more money selling individual units or packages?
  • Are my packages giving valuable inventory away for cheap?
  • Should I give in to the client’s quote? Or will I be able to get a higher price later?
  • When the market’s moving, how can I tell immediately?

The tremendous growth of online advertising and innovation in ad formats, targeting, and packaging has made it difficult to answer these questions. Zoox Analytics uses advanced mathematical models to predict inventory availability and recommend dynamic pricing that helps publishers maximize their return on their inventory. Experts monitor the models and tune them for changing market trends. Through this, Zoox delivers actionable information for managers to maximize inventory usage, increase revenue, and deliver better results to clients.

Inventory Forecasting

  • Forecasts capacity and availability with greater accuracy
  • Shows how run-of-site products deliver, and how delivered impressions were sold
  • Provides product suggestions using cluster analysis

Yield Management

  • Provides deal prices that the market will bear
  • Identifies price outliers over 20+ factors
  • Auto-generates rate cards, using current and historical trends

Sales Analytics

  • Monitors product sell-through; tracks against past performance
  • Analyzes delivery risk for clients
  • Provides complete profiles for key products

Benefits of Zoox Analytics

  • With increased accuracy, avoid under-delivery and reduce unsold inventory
  • Get visibility into how sales translates to delivery
  • Create products that provide greater value to clients, at lower cost
  • Set the right price for the client, deal size and product demand
  • Control discounts given away by sales force
  • Avoid manual work; focus efforts on the most valuable products
  • Focus sales efforts where opportunity can be maximized
  • Get early warnings of delivery risk to take corrective action
  • Critical information at your fingertips, not buried in reports

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Contact the Zoox Director of Sales, or inquire about an in-depth product demonstration:

Watch videos from the 2011 Zoox Digital Media Symposium: Delivers New Outlook On Digital Advertising & Media Marketplace:

Keynote by Nicholas A. Utton, CMO E*Trade Corporation


Keywords: Contract Management, Proposal Management

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