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By: Rsg Media  06-Dec-2011

Popular folklore has crafted an image of the agile enterprise, where a CEO can pull up any information at the touch of a button; the truth is far more prosaic. At present, most corporate systems remain disconnected. Finding information requires a rash of administrative assistants and analysts poring over printouts and spreadsheets. Where interconnectivity has been automated, it is usually fixed – a static transfer of a particular piece of information, which cannot be modified without the involvement of IT.

Now, developments in technology are allowing the easy and low-cost integration and exchange of corporate information, both throughout the Enterprise and to the community of stakeholders. These new technologies work without replacing or modifying any existing systems. Rather, XPeranto® translates and maps data from one database to another, automatically or with minimal manual effort. The result is that companies that adopt the new technology are dramatically improving the efficiency and efficacy of their organizations.

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RSG Media - Rights Management, Intellectual Property Management, Business Rights Management, Media and Entertainment Software

RightsLogic supports any intellectual property owner and distributor including - but not limited to – Cable & Broadcast, Music, Film, Publishing, Sports Leagues, Video Game, Consumer Products Licensing, Production, and Distribution companies.


RSG Media - Cable & Broadcast Ad Sales Proposal Management, Deal Management, Ratecard Software

The product maximizes deal value by utilizing cutting-edge technology, providing seamless integration with other systems, and offering productivity tools. Planit™ provides the flexibility to manage new products, pricing, and market strategies for deals and plans, while still accommodating special requests.


RSG Media - Yield Optimization, Revenue Management, Revenue optimization, Yield Management

What makes RSG’s approach successful is the six separate modules, applying Ad Sales Revenue Optimization techniques to each part of the Ad Sales Lifecycle: Pricing & Forecast, Reserve Planning (Upfront vs. Scatter), Deal Planning, Log Scheduling, Deal Maintenance, and Stewardship.


RSG Media - Zoox Digital Media Tools for Order Management and Analytics

Until Zoox, digital publishers’ ad operations had been suffering without the proper analytics and proposal management tools that enabled them to maximize every revenue opportunity and streamline their proposal management process. Zoox Plan Builder makes sales operations easy by managing the creation of sales plans, and making critical information visible in order to optimize plans from inception to completion.


RSG Media - Services

Our experience affords us the unique opportunity to not only share our skills, but our knowledge—the industry’s best practices—with our clients. We develop and support world-class applications at the client’s site or on our premises and offer a full array of consulting services. RSG Systems offers over 23 years of experience building the applications critical to the media and entertainment industry.