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By: Rosmac  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Oil, Engine, Air Pollution

ARTICLES on all sorts go in here, many of which have links to useful products.

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. a quick death to engines if they fail

. what are they and how to reduce them

. smoke colour code and how to reduce air pollution

. free "do-it -yourself" symptom guide to your engine health and how to improve it

. especially reducing CO


from engines by up to 16%

. not all are born equal . how they work . what they can & won't do

. for machines and engines from the experts

. how to simply check engine oil condition and extend oil life

. despite thoroughly checking the cooling system?

. increase both from your engine . here's some simple how's

. where to start, sometimes without touching a spanner

. which fuel and oil additives to use and what savings to expect

. problems that may easily be solved with a simple-fix.

. understand this and you'll add life to your engine and machine.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Engine, Oil

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DIESEL Fuel bugs

Warmth is usually from the local ambient conditions, but diesel tanks in engine rooms and non-cooled high flow return lines into small fuel tanks will increase the diesel tank temperature. Other steps that can be taken to control "bug" growth is using a good quality diesel additive such as, or a specific biocide and a proven magnetic unit such as.