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By: Rosee  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Filtration, Tumbler, Soil Extraction

Laboratory Equipment RoSEE

RoSEE (Robotic Soil Extraction Equipment)

An automated soil extraction system that takes ground samples from an infeed table, deposits, mixes with reagent, cleans and drys the beakers, records soil pH, and filters the reagent into test tube racks for further analysis at one per minute.Multiple channels allows for simultaneous tests.

ASTRo (Automated Soil Tapping Robot)

Automated dispensing of soil into mixing vessels. Subsequent dosing of reagent, mixing, filtering and dividing is semi automated.

Soil dryer

A soil dryer to reduce soil moisture overnight before analysis. Compact footprint, low energy consumption, includes optional soil moisture measurement probe.

Soil Grinder

A soil grinder that increases operator productivity as well as reducing dust. Gives 2mm grind, other grind sizes can be provided. Can be automated to link in with RoSEE

Bulk reagent system

A bulk reagent system for preparation of reagents for the soil extraction equipment.

Sample storage system

A sample storage system using an easily transferable container implement.

Vacuum chamber

Vacuum chamber for vacuum filtration of samples.

Off line filtration

Off line filtration for use with the soil extraction system for hard to filter extrations providing a longer gravity filtration time than can be achived on the soil extractor

Solvent tumbler

A cassette based tumbler allowing casettes of flasks to be inserted into the rotary tumbler for different tests
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Keywords: Filtration, Soil Extraction, Soil Grinder, Tumbler, Vacuum Chamber,