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By: Room  05-Apr-2012
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QR codes

This is how they work

Link directly to any website from your print material. To test how a QR code works go to the app store, search for the free application 'Scan' and install it. Once fully installed start it and hold the smartphone camera over the QR code above so you can see the whole code on your display. The sanning process will start automatically. Once you hear the beep (similar to a barcode scanner) you will be taken to the linked website. Have a go now!

Customised QR codes

QR codes can be customised to suit your brand. They can be changed in colour and shape as long as contrast and key patterns are not compromised.

With so many people now using their smartphones and tablets to search the internet, buy products and view a company's brochure it is becoming more and more important to offer a mobile web alternative to ensure a positive reader experience for your mobile visitors. There are several options of making your website mobile friendly:

Mobile website

This is often a smartphone and/or tablet optimised version of your regular website. Successful mobile websites are designed to fit the limited screen space to ensure easy reading and offer reduced and refined content tailored to the mobile visitor's needs to keep data download and loading time at a minimum.

Custom apps

Depending on your business a mobile website might not be enough. A standalone app which customers can download and use for e.g. reward schemes or games can be a rewarding investment.

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QR codes

QR codes enable the linking of print material with web content. To scan a printed QR code the viewer must simply have a QR code scanner installed on their smartphone or tablet (easy, free download from the app store), start the application and point the camera at the code. Once scanned, the viewer will be taken to a website (ideally optimised for mobile devices).

This technology is already used frequently in Japan and the UK and it's becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand.

Who can benefit from QR codes?

Any company advertising web content on printed materials (posters, brochures, flyers, magazines, etc) can benefit from this technology. It is now possible to take the viewer directly to the company's website or landing page without having to remember and type the URL into the browser. Reward schemes, shop vouchers, etc also benefit as the member's QR codes can be used to track shopping behaviour and store the information in the member's online profile.


Print ads offering specials can now be linked directly to the respective online shop page to enable the buyer to hit the 'buy now' button while they are still highly motivated to buy.

Posters advertising events can link to the ticket sales page.

Companies like Subway have embraced the new technology and developed a reward system with their smartphone app using QR codes.

Keywords: Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Marketing, Web Design Services