Steel Frame & Trusses - Rollforming create pre-manufactured steel framing for fast, accurate building

By: Rollforming  05-Apr-2012
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Environmental sustainablity
RFS Steel Frames and Trusses are proudly manufactured in New Zealand
from steel that is locally sourced from west coast iron sands and contains a component of recycled steel. RFS Steel Framing and Trusses require no preservative chemicals and negates increased site waste due to the pre-manufactured process off site, reducing the environmental impact of building.

The major contributing factor to RFS systems sustainability is that steel is
100% recyclable.

You dream it, we make it..
Steel framing has now gained the trust of specifiers, draftspersons and architects to provide excellent strength and superb spanning possibilities allowing greater design freedom in a cost effective package.

Most cost effective
Your home is only as good as the foundations and framework, if its not square and true the rest of the build will be compromised. RFS Steel Framing comes straight, clean, strong and stable and can be installed in any weather, reducing the construction programme. In comparison with timber, steel makes good
economical sense.

Ask your building professional to investigate the RFS Steel alternative today.

50 Year Durability Statement
RFS Steel Framing and Truss uses AXXIS® Steel which is backed by NZ Steel.
It has a galvanized 100% zinc coating, complete with a 50 Year Durability Statement giving you peace of mind, with a quality product that will last the
test of time.

RFS Steel Frame & Trusses - The future of building.

Superior finishing
RFS has been the leader by using globally proven rollforming technology
for over 10 years. In this time we have set the benchmark for quality, accuracy
and overall finish. Straight frames that sub trades trust is one of the many
benefits when working with RFS Steel systems. You can also rely on steel for dimensional stability as it does not expand or contract with moisture or temperature changes.
RFS Frames and Truss will not twist, warp, sag or shrink.

Reduced construction programmes
Professionals in the trade report that working with RFS Steel systems is
very fast and straightforward. The frames arrive on site as either knock down
or pre-assembled. They are accurate and easily identifiable which increases
the speed of standing frames. Our framing is screw fixed so no welding is required.
The RFS system provides further opportunity to reduce labour costs, with pre-punched plumbing and electrical service holes so sub trades are installing services their first day on site.

Top quality finish
Homeowners and trade professional opinions are what really count when assessing the benefits of RFS Steel Framing. As well as a top quality finish
you'll enjoy a healthier indoor environment, safe in the knowledge that your
frames do not absorb moisture, won't support mould growth and will not rot.
The problems with frame movement are greatly reduced, meaning your home
will look as great as the day you moved in.

Healthy, safe and appealing
Steel framing has none of the additional chemicals associated with timber,
so builders and sub trades will not be exposed to these harmful substances.
Steel framing is environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable. Wastage in
steel plants is typically less than 1% and it can be reused or recycled when the building is demolished. RFS use AXXIS® Steel which has been awarded the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly by The Asthma Foundation - why would you settle for anything less? When using RFS Steel Framing you can be sure of providing your family a healthy home environment.

Keywords: Steel Frames, Steel Framing, Steel Trusses