The Human Aerial - book by Dr Robin Kelly on mind body and spirit healing

By: Robin Kelly  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Healing, Western Medicine

The Human Aerial - book by Dr Robin Kelly on mind body and spirit healing.

With 30 years experience in Western medicine, Dr Kelly offers a compelling blueprint for deep healing in the 21st century; a healing system that accepts that our bodies are truly Human Aerials, bound together and infiltrated by a fascinating network of connecting tissue perfectly designed to receive and transmit information beyond our individual earthbound experiences.

In so doing, Kelly begins to unravel the mysteries of telepathy, intuition, creativity, mediumship, chanelling, sacred geometry, distant healing, near-death and out-of- body experiences.

Dr Kelly explains how - for direction, guidance, and healing - we can tune into realms beyond our concepts of time and space and how understanding ourselves as Human Aerials can bring wonder and hope to our worldly existence transforming our lives here and now.

Written accessibly, The Human Aerial is a book for all who are interested in the health of body, mind and spirit, but also for the medical fraternity, challenging tightly held ideas and opening up new frames of reference for clinicians everywhere.

Keywords: Healing, Western Medicine

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