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By: Rikai Associates  06-Dec-2011
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Japanese translation service

Effective translation is much more than simply changing text from one language into another.

It is important that the Japanese translator or English translator has a true understanding of what the original writer means. The translator needs to be able to translate the words from the source language, and also more importantly, be able to change it into the most natural language through having a comprehensive understanding of the text. Other factors such as the business and cultural environment can determine what is really meant between the lines and the translator needs to work “outside the square” to deliver a translation of superior quality.

For each project the team at Rikai Associates analyses the requirements and customises a process to best meet your specific needs. Direct and clear communication with the client is important to understand requirements and specific objectives completely.

English rewriting and proofreading

If you have written a document in English, and English is not your first language you may want to check that the written English is completely natural. Our native English consultants will check and proofread the documents for you to ensure the English is professional and perfect. This service has become one of our particular strengths due to a high demand for services in this area.

Japanese culture and business etiquette can be quite different from that of the Western world. To maximise your opportunities and potential in the Japanese market, we offer tailor-made seminars and business consultation to suit your business objectives and to prepare you for working with the Japanese.

Here is an example outline of what we cover in our Japanese Business Etiquette seminars and Consulting services:
  • Introductions in Japanese – some basic key vocabulary
  • Brief introduction to Japan - why is it so important to have this background knowledge..
  • The Japanese company structure - business card etiquette & exchange in Japanese
  • Business relationships and their importance in Japanese business society – how do they impact on your negotiations?
  • Effective negotiating and business dealings with the Japanese - avoiding offence and maximising time involvement
  • One Day in Japan from an etiquette perspective - crucial protocol to maximise communication. Topics include: Bowing, Meetings, Seating arrangements, Dining and Socializing..

We offer seminars in New Zealand but can also provide international seminars if desired, personally or via the Internet. Japanese Business Etiquette Consulting Services can be face to face or by phone at a time to suit you.

Keywords: Translation Service