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By: Richmond Wheel & Castor Co  05-Apr-2012



The Richmond Table Lifter is essentially a 4 wheel hand trolley where the platform raises and lowers. It is a device employing a hydraulically powered scissor mechanism to raise or lower the table. This lifter has a multitude of uses in workshops warehouses and despatch departments. Each lifter is fitted with lockable castors and is operated with a foot controlled hydraulic pump.They are designed to get what is on the table to a comfortable working height. The 150 kg unit will lift to table height and the larger models to bench height. The design ensures smooth lifting and the lowering speed is fully adjustable via hand operated valve. Richmond Manual Single Scissor Table Lifters are engineered to accommodate work positioning and reliability with every lift. High quality castors for transporting to any area where the ultimate in maneuverability and
durability is required.


These lifters are identical in concept to the unit previous but will lift much higher which makes them very useful in the installation industry.Installing switchboards, ducting etc becomes much simpler with these lifters. A dual scissor mechanism operated by hydraulic foot pump allows for safe, stable load lowering and raising to heights up to 1.5m. They are recommended to reduce incidents of overreaching and unsafe lifting.Richmond’s Double Scissor Table Lifters are the solution for workshops, installers and maintenance applications. Easily positioned and correctly adjusted to a suitable height for the task at hand, table lifters lend themselves to being easily adapted to a multitude of uses.


When manual table lifters start being used most hours of a shift it makes real sense to move to powered versions on productivity considerations alone. They lift at more than twice the speed of manual models and height changes can be done whilst the lifter is being moved into position. The operator’s physical effort is removed and the height positioning is completely accurate at the push of a button. Richmond’s Battery Electric Single Scissor Table Lifter provides the flexibility of all these functions.The onboard single phase battery charger means that it is easy to plug it in at the end of the Shift so it’s ready for the next day. Highly maneuverable and compact electric table lifters are irreplaceable companions for many businesses and changing work positions.


When manual table lifters start being used most hours of a shift it makes real sense to move to powered versions on productivity consideration alone. Double Scissor lifters are chosen for those higher lifts so powered versions make sense. With lifting speeds twice that of manual model, completely accurate height adjustment at the push of a button, they are easy for the operator to operate.These are the same concept as the single Scissor battery electric but with the advantage of added lifting height with only 60mm added to the lowered height.


Richmond’s Battery Electric Drive and Lift table provides heavy duty performance for demanding industries. Commonly used in manufacturing, processing, warehousing applications where effortless movement from one location to another is required, The combination of a powered drive and dual scissor lift platform reduces back strain whilst providing uncompromised maneuverability, ideal for positioning around work stations and racking systems.Lifting to the desired height is achieved by a simple press of a button by the operator, the ergonomically designed control and steering control handles makes light work in any situation. To transfer from table to work station or work station to table is aided by positioning of transfer rollers at the front of the table that allows for safer sliding movement in transferring of goods.Included are; safety and emergency brakes, horn, lockable 150mm poly on nylon swivel castors and an easy to read LED battery meter display. This product is equipped with a full onboard plug in charger for added convenience.

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