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By: Rgis  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Data Analysis, Data Collection, Space Planning

RGIS creates the most innovative inventory solutions, whether you are in retail or healthcare, supply chain, industrial, automotive, aerospace or defense.

Smartspace® is a macro space planning solution that collects your store level space data and combines it with performance data to assist you with making recommendations to optimize the revenue and margin performance of a store.

Need a set up for your store’s newest location? Prepare a reset for your existing stores? Adjust your inventory due to a product recall? RGIS can create a merchandising program specifically for your business.

How data is captured and interpreted can be crucial to how efficiently and effectively your business operates. RGIS offers breakthrough data analysis techniques that can assist in analyzing your inventory, data collection and space planning processes to determine a better course of action.

Keeping track of your third party logistics and distribution centers can be a challenge. You want to ensure that the amount of product ordered matches the amount received. RGIS can help reduce shrink, increase efficiencies, and accurately track the number and location of your products.

A strong staff can mean the difference between average and excellent customer service. Our team of experienced, fully-trained staff members can handle your staffing needs all year round.

RGIS offers unique, sophisticated, highly transparent tools for optimizing inventory, data collection and space management.

Keywords: Data Analysis, Data Collection, Macro Space Planning, Space Planning,

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Decades of experience, unparalleled quality control processes, cutting-edge proprietary technology, superior training and a focus on accuracy lead more businesses to choose RGIS for their inventory counts than any other inventory company in the world. With margins measured in single digits and under constant pressure, timely, comprehensive inventory intelligence is a critical business asset in today’s competitive retail environment.


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Together with our ability to expertly and efficiently audit a retailer’s highly valuable merchandisable and non-merchandisable space, Smartspace® by RGIS provides critical information necessary to optimize the productivity of available space.


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With Smartspace®, we can collect your store level space data, combine it with performance data, and make appropriate recommendations to optimize the revenue and margin performance of each store. Understand causes for category behavior and find common attributes in product behavior. Optimize store reset activity using accurate data and insights. Retailers who use Smartspace® by RGIS can.