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By: Rgis  06-Dec-2011
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With margins measured in single digits and under constant pressure, timely, comprehensive inventory intelligence is a critical business asset in today’s competitive retail environment. Optimizing stocking levels and product mix, minimizing wasted steps and costs, and maximizing revenue and margin-growth opportunities – all depend on an accurate reading of what you have, where it’s located, and how it can work harder for you. 

Yet for many retailers, inventory and management can be a costly distraction for lean store and stock room staffs. “Instant snapshots” and on-demand inventory assessments can require experience and resources not found in store teams whose main task is selling and service. What’s more, for company-mandated or regulatory compliance audits, third-party counting may be a necessity rather than an option.

RGIS is the global leader and most trusted provider of inventory, data collection, insight and optimization services, offering:

  • Inventory and data collection solutions
  • Annual physical counts
  • Cycle counts
  • Fixed asset
  • Perpetual inventory
  • Verify™
  • VisualCount™
  • Compliance audits
  • Loss prevention
  • Smartspace®

Decades of experience, unparalleled quality control processes, cutting-edge proprietary technology, superior training and a focus on accuracy lead more businesses to choose RGIS for their inventory counts than any other inventory company in the world.

Since 1958, RGIS has performed over four million inventory audits, meticulously counting more than 400 billion items. Using our vast human and technological resources, we develop and execute unique programs to meet each customer’s requirements. This has made RGIS the clear-cut choice for accurate, professional inventories for many industries, including retail, healthcare, aerospace, defense, automotive, industrial and supply chain.

The largest geographic network ensures cost-effective coverage and deployment

With over 350 offices and 25,000 highly-trained employees, RGIS offers coverage in more than 40 countries. This geographic coverage coupled with our extensive resources means that we can create a program of any size on nearly any scale, whether you’re a single-location business or the largest retailer in the world. RGIS is also the leader in major market coverage in the U.S. This close proximity to your location reduces time and travel costs and allows us to deploy local dedicated teams to meet your inventory and data collection needs.

Around the world, around the corner – RGIS is there for you

More retailers worldwide turn to RGIS than any other inventory and data collection services provider. With more than 350 offices deploying more than 500,000 teams of highly-trained employees each year, RGIS is the global inventory leader -- large enough to support global companies operating on multiple continents and agile enough to apply our industry-leading experience at the corner store. No other inventory services company brings as much experience to every count. No other company reaches farther.

Fully-trained and equipped teams

RGIS has the most comprehensive professional workforce available with more than 500,000 global teams deployed each year. Our elite teams are fully trained and supplied with the best proprietary technologies. Our scale and reach also give us the flexibility to accommodate even the tightest schedules.

Cost-effective and efficient

RGIS inventories are cost-effective and efficient. From planning and staffing to counting and reporting, an RGIS engagement is a turnkey operation that cuts your costs by eliminating the need to have headquarters personnel or regional staff attend inventories. This enables your internal staff to focus on servicing their customers.

State-of-the-art technology ensures reliability, security and optimum customer support

Our state-of-the-art equipment and technology was designed to ensure efficiency, accuracy and detail. Proprietary hand-held technology enables us to move quickly and report inventory progress in real-time, while secure wireless transmissions (two-way) protect your data. RGIS technology gives you the timely insight you need to ensure accurate inventories and data collection, identify shrink and optimize existing space.

VisualCount™ enables monitoring of inventory status and data from any web browser

Exclusive to RGIS, VisualCount™ is an inventory process management tool that allows our clients to monitor the RGIS inventory process from any available Internet connection. This dynamic offering provides a high level of transparency and visibility.

Our Verify service provides real-time confirmation of count accuracy

To ensure the highest level of inventory accuracy, RGIS’ Verify™ service offers even greater inventory validation, including price verification, unique UPC or random item scans. Through the use of proprietary technology, inventory counts are validated in real-time during the event, providing unparalleled visibility and transparency.

Let our unsurpassed global network and unique process and technologies ensure your success.

Keywords: Data Collection

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