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By: Retail Selling  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping, voice overs for radio and live TV presetations, website evaluations are services offered by Retail Selling Ltd - mytery shopping, secret shopper, female voice of ..

For when you need or feel compelled to have a reality check for your retail business.

The ability to access an independent set of eyes and ears without the emotional attachment is an invaluable tool in having a successful retail business.

Find out more about our Mystery Shopping Service for the world of bricks and mortar.

Voice overs for radio commercials

Is your advert lost in the chorus of commercials?

How many times do you hear the same voice on radio commercials for umpteen different companies on an array of different radio stations? When your advert is lost in the chorus of radio chatter because the first point of differentiation is the spoken word, the impact on the potential success of that campaign is compromised.

A distinct voice that is unique to your brand can have a valuable strategic impact on your segment positioning in the market place.

Do you need a voice that stands out from the crowd.

To be able to have someone front your product on a live set, who appreciates   the time constraint and knows that the message to be conveyed to the audience is to be clearly understood is another valuable tool in the retail market.

Who could you have to stand in and promote your product if you choose.

Having your website mystery-shopped and evaluated for usability, credibility, sustainable and customer centred focus is astute business strategy.

Do you need to have your website evaluated by an independent specialist in the field of customer service and experience.

   or phone (03) 942-0596

Retail Selling Ltd is based in both Auckland and Christchurch New Zealand.

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Keywords: Mystery Shopping