Resene paint colours and ArchiCAD program

By: Resene  06-Dec-2011

Resene colours can be quickly and easily added to your ArchiCAD project using ArchiCAD's Attribute Manager. Once loaded the Resene colours will be added to your ArchiCAD project file and can be applied to any wall, floor, beam or object etc - an ideal way to show your clients how selected Resene colours will affect the look of their project.

Instructions for using Resene Colour range files for ArchiCAD:

The Resene Colour range files for ArchiCAD allow you to quickly and easily use Resene's vast colour range in your ArchiCAD projects. You can quickly test different colour schemes and provide your clients with more realistic visualisations. These colour files require ArchiCAD 9 or higher and work on both Macs and PCs. All of the colours have been made into ArchiCAD materials and have also been optimised for use with the Lightworks rendering engine.

Adding Resene colours to your project or template files is an easy process:

1. Open the Attribute Manager within your project and select the materials tab.

2. Press "Open" and browse to the Resene colour file you would like to load. Press "Open".

3. Select the colours you would like to add and press "Append". Add as many colours as you like. You can also open other Resene colour files to load colours from different ranges. When you have finished adding the additional colours press "OK".

The Resene colours you selected have now been added to your ArchiCAD project's materials menu and can now easily be applied to walls, slabs, roofs, objects etc. throughout your project.

You can add more colours at any time by simply going back to your Attribute manager.

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Resene Photoshop .aco colour range files

The Resene .aco colour files are arranged as one master file and also separate colour ranges in their own colour file, so you can choose from just the chart range you are working on or view a wider list of Resene colours to choose from. View over 3000 Resene colour swatches in the .View over 2500 wallpapers in the .Find RGB values, complementary colours, download jpgs and much more.Download.