By: Renegade Minds  06-Dec-2011

Want to improve your playing? Want to play faster? More accurately? Want to transcribe music? Figure out new songs by ear? New solos?

CSS Scrollbar Color Designer

EASY: Simple and intuitive, colors can be easily mixed with several different color tools to suit your work-style.

FAST: Real time previews make it extremely fast without the hassle of constantly loading your web pages in a browser.

PayPal Bulk Encrypted Button Generator

WEB AUTOMATION: Automate the process through the PayPal web site. This requires no setup, but isn't as reliable as the "Custom" option and not suited for 100's of buttons, but well suited for 10's of encrypted buttons.

CUSTOMIZED BUTTONS: With a few more options, customized buttons allow you to add in a few more properties to your buttons like a return URL for IPN. This requires some setup, but can handle 1,000's of buttons and is much faster than the web automation option.


The software below is 100% free for anyone to use. Enjoy!

4 LEVELS: Four levels of obfuscation let you choose what's right for you. They range in complexity from simple unicode obfuscation, to much more complex.

DNN Keep Alive

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Slow Down Music, Pitch Shift Music (Transpose), Loop, Vocal Removal & Karaoke with GDT

Where many similar tools use sliders that make it almost impossible to slow down the music by exactly 25%, or immensely difficult to change a loop by 1/2 of a second, the easy-to-use controls in Guitar & Drum Trainer make precise adjustments simple and easy to do without any "fiddling around". For rock, blues, country, baroque, classical, punk, dance, folk or whatever musical style you play, Guitar & Drum Trainer helps you to learn them all.


Slow Down Music - Slow music tempo for MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, WMA, CDA

Slowing down music isn't just for music students though; slowing down music is perfect for busy professional musicians who need to learn new or original music before an audition or when they are pressed for time. By slowing down the music to a more modest tempo, it's easier to listen and ultimately, this makes musical instrument practice time much more productive.


Loop Music to listen repeatedly and practice music easier

Music loop markers are labeled "Start" and "End" for easy identification and displayed on both a full song waveform and a zoomed waveform. Loop delay: Pause at the end of each loop (e.g. 1 second pause before starting loop again. Speed Trainer: Automatically speed up or slow down music with each loop iteration. Skip to start/end loop markers.


Pitch Shift Music to transpose recorded music keys to a new key

By pitch shifting the recorded music, you can avoid retuning your guitar or playing in a different key than the music is normally played on the recorded instrument. Shifting the pitch of the music is a good way for vocalists to practice singing songs that would otherwise be out of their normal range. Many bands, and particularly rock and metal bands, play with their instruments tuned down a half-step.


Music Speed & Pitch Encoder

An addtional benefit is that the FLAC encoding is very fast, and much faster than MP3 encoding. In regular English, that means it provides the highest quality possible. Many hardware MP3 players do not support FLAC. We recommend using FLAC whenever possible. FLAC provides lossless audio compression.


Vocal Removal & Karaoke - Remove vocals from mixed music and filter instruments for "instrumental karaoke

For maximum flexibility, the "Channel Mixer and Advanced Karaoke" mode lets you remove non-center panned audio to filter out instruments that aren't center panned, like lead guitars, with the "Mixer Karaoke" option. As with the simple karaoke mode, once the instruments are filtered from the mix, you can then add other instruments back in that were also taken out by adjusting the equalizer for their frequency ranges.


Duplicate Photo Finder

The idea for Duplicate Photo Finder is simple: Make a VERY easy to use utility that lets you find and delete duplicate photos. There must be no surprises and nothing complex. Simply choose a comparison method and compare. All the hard work is done for you~. Photo signature - Excludes EXIF. File signature - Includes EXIF.