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By: Rendez  05-Apr-2012
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VoIP Phone Systems (IP PBX) : Cost vs. Consideration

The new breed of phone system is not only dramatically reducing the costs associated with purchase and ongoing use, but simultaneously improving the standard features available. The 3 main areas of cost savings are as follows:

1. the price of the system itself. Both onsite & hosted solutions

2. the removal of analogue and digital lines reducing monthly rental costs

3. lower calling rates

There are however more elements to consider with IP based solutions & underestimating the importance of these can have a significantly detrimental effect on your business:

1. choice of access (broadband, EUBA, HSNS ) has a direct impact on the quality of your phone calls

2. when data & voice share access, class & quality of service become important concepts to consider

3. single points of failure become more common & thus redundancy needs to be considered

4. software based solutions require more ongoing support

Rendez Solutions

We offer both hosted and onsite IP based PBX systems depending on your requirements. Some of the advanced features that come as standard with our systems are listed below:

• Drag & drop functionality for transferring calls

• Free calling & seamless transferring of calls between different offices & remote workers

• IVR (Interactive Voice Response) for directing inbound calls to the most appropriate person

• Call Recording

Migration from legacy analogue and digital phone systems to new IP based solutions is a natural progression for any sized business. As with most technology, the complexity is in the detail and we are more than happy to talk to you about it. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements (0508736339).

Keywords: Pabx, Phone System, Phone Systems, Voip

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