By: Relationship Guide  05-Apr-2012

You feel sad, downhearted. Broken down and dejected. What’s the matter with you? “My girl (or guy) left me”. To you I say, that is not the problem my friend. The real problem is that you are placing too much of your happiness in the hands of another. Have you ever heard the saying that [..]

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Recently I came across an article that promised to tell ‘How to stop my divorce’, and, because I have an interest in relationships and relationship advice, and being the curious type, I read it. What I read nearly made me lose all hope for humanity. Anyone reading that article would not come out with.


Relationship Skills

There is a big misconception out there that men cheat because that is how they are ‘wired’. A lot of women operate on this assumption, and as such, they never relax.


Getting an ex back

Especially if it’s one that came out of the blue and hit you upside the head, leaving you spinning, confused and hurt. It’s so easy just to rush back in and try to fix things right away after a break-up.


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I say this because if they want it more than you, you don’t really need my advice, all you have to do is say ok.