By: Redloco  06-Dec-2011

Info-txt is an an "on demand" service that you provide. When a person sends a txt message with your BrandWord® to the designated number then they will get "YOUR" current reply message sent back to them. You are able to see the messages as they happen and can even change your reply message as you go.

KEYWORDS: You can setup your own keywords to follow your Brandword and setup unique reply messages for each keyword, offering specials, promotions, prize winning codes and even a menu style navigation system. They simply send your BrandWord® followed by a keyword you have setup in advance to get each unique message.

TXT CLUB: Redloco provides a subscription service which allows people to subscribe to receive further messages or alerts from you. To join all a person needs to do is send your BrandWord® followed by the word JOIN. An example of use is to send TEST JOIN to 5828. The user will get the joined message and will be added to your club. To Leave the club (an Opt in requirement) they can send TEST STOP to 5828.

You can send messages to each of your members once a day, once a week or once a month, you choose. When your club gets large it might not be practical to send all of them a message every day. How about sending 50 one day to some of your members and the following day, send 100 to other members? You might send out only 5 winning messages a month to random subscribers with a free offer, encouraging peopleto join the club to have a chance of getting the offer. Perhaps you would like new members only to get a special offer?

TXT POLLS: As a Redloco customer you can setup your own TxT polls, simply choose voting keywords that get tagged onto your BrandWord®. Txt voting is easy as the voters just txt their choice to one number. Each vote gets a reply with your message. You can choose to include the current results of the poll in the reply. Another option is to make the final results available to anyone who sends one of the vote words after the poll has closed. Such a message will inform the person that voting has finished.

ROLLOVERS: Want a first time welcome message, or perhaps a message that varies each time the same person sends a message or enters a competiton. Perhaps you are operating a call centre and would like the response to show that it is now afterhours. Welcome message this time but a special offer next time? What about a unique message for every txt that comes in such as a ticket number or activation code. Rollovers allow advanced programming of messages beyond what is available with just keywords.

ADVANCED OPTIONS: If that still isn't enough to fufill your requirements we can discuss specialised options such as keyword access to information from your database, providing information from your system to your customers. Just come and talk to us, we can handle all your text messaging needs be they big or small.