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By: Real Consulting  06-Dec-2011

Client Testimonials


“Thank-you for the best conference I have ever attended. I have attended many in the last 6 years and none have made me think so much, get outside my day to day thought processes, and provide such a practical output that we can actually use (tomorrow) as this one has. Thanks again.”

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Skills Development | Real Consulting

We know the value of bringing different groups of people together to solve problems, improve processes, or develop new opportunities—but how many of us know how to get maximum results from our group workshops. In most courses you’re given generic information like “You should deal with conflict by disarming the situation” but in this course you’re given specific and realistic tactics to do the disarming..


JumpShift | Real Consulting

JumpShift’s revolutionary approach builds on what participants are already good at, and provides inspiration from best-practice models. The practice of continuous improvement is embedded so participants have a habit of constantly improving ‘how’ they do their work. Participants take action and build the confidence required to positively lead and influence. We create a ‘JumpShift’ in our participants by getting them to change their behaviour.