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By: Reactiv  06-Dec-2011
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Hi, welcome to the Reactiv products section. If you've figured out that building muscle and losing fat is no walk in the park then we have something in common. The truth is it's hard work. Fortunately there are a few tools we can use to make life easier and you'll find them here. When used correctly some can increase your body's natural potential and speed up the process of reaching goals. There's a massive range out there though, all of varying levels of dosage and quality which can make shopping confusing. Something to be wary of is that to keep production costs down some supplement manufacturers are guilty of using active ingredients in much smaller amounts than you need to see true benefits. Instead formulations are often 'filled out' with cheaper substitute ingredients. The best thing you can do is to learn as much as you can yourself and do plenty of research. Look closely at those nutrition panels to make sure what's in the bottle is the right concentration of what you need and not watered down for disappointment. For the reason I've described above at Reactiv I specialise in stocking unblended powders. This way you can be sure what you are using is 100% active ingredient (the ingredient you want) and nothing else. With a powder you also have greater control over dosage. Depending on bodyweight and other personal factors everyone has unique dosage needs which really should be calculated to suit the individual. If you have questions on the best ways to use supplements for your circumstances I'm available by email to talk things through: So please remember I'm ready to assist you whenever you need a hand. Which brings me to some more tools that may help you.. Plans. Available online here for purchase are my Nutrition and Training Plans. I design these to suit your unique goals whatever they may be. There's always a structure that can be designed to work for you. If you decide you're after total planning then there is also a Combined Training and Nutrition Plan option. So there you go, my supplements, plans, and before I forget my dieting E-book is available here too. Now get out there and achieve your goals! All the best, Mike.

Keywords: Nutrition, Sports Supplements, Supplements