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By: Raw Education  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: School, Teaching, Teacher Development

This is a quality enhancement package. Schools can tailor the length of the course by selecting appropriate items. The content and duration of each component is described; the order is arbitrary and could be re-arranged to suit local needs. This grouping is designed for experienced school leaders. The Teachers' Meeting (approximately three hours)
  • Its purpose as the development centre of the school.
  • What current research says about this.
  • Making these meetings vibrant.
  • A conversion toolkit.
  • What goes in and what stays out; the consequences.
Contemporary Curricula (approximately three hours)
  • Making them work for us.
  • The language and purpose of contemporary curricula.
  • How current terminology can sharpen our focus.
  • Integrating Educational Technology into the curriculum.
  • The teaching context - a practice lesson revolution.
User-Friendly Records And Student Appraisal Systems (approximately two hours)
  • Policy matters - cutting out the arguing; a template.
  • One stop documents for planning, recording work covered and student exposure to our content.
  • Easy documentation for recording specific learning outcomes.
  • Replacing annual student reports; a template and a new idea.
The Lecturing Habit (approximately one hour)
  • A method for moving lessons out of the lecturing mode; ideas for the Secondary School - and for the Primary School.
  • Use of 'generative impulses' and the application of strong verbs to learning experiences.
Engagement (one hour)
  • A revolutionary concept for judging a productive learning experience.
  • How to recognise it.
  • How to encourage it.
  • Why older models for judging lessons are inadequate.
  • 'On task' behaviour and its weaknesses.
Teacher Development (two hours)
  • What is it?
  • Why is it vital?
  • Gaining acceptance; how to promote a development ethos amongst the colleagues.
  • The tension between development and retraining.
  • Policies, mandates and documentation.
  • Development organ.
Timetable Templates (two hour)
  • Timetable: making or breaking your innovative teaching strategies.
  • Lining up the boundaries of thematic lessons.
  • The end of lesson exhibition.
  • Ideas governing basic proficiency lessons.
Creative Criticism (one hour)
  • Teacher observation tools; timed events.
  • Recognising common errors in teaching.
  • The circle of competence/confidence.
  • Onwards and upwards.
Four Quadrants Of Successful Teaching (one and a half hours)
  • Clarity - teacher knows; students does; student retains.
  • Overview - curriculum summaries; techniques; planning.
  • Demand - expecting more.
  • Enthusiasm - rest; creativity; conditions of employment; class size.
The Four Teaching Styles (one hour)
  • Recognising them; a simple diagram.
  • The benefits of using them in terms of classroom management.
  • A model maths lesson, using all four styles.
Multi-Level Teaching (one hour)
  • Why it is necessary.
  • The results of treating all learners as equal.
  • An easy way to expedite.
  • The love connection.
Mentoring (two hours)
  • What is a mentor?
  • Techniques for successful mentoring.
  • Mentor documentation.
  • Mentors and the future of teacher training.

Co-operative Learning

  • Why is it important?
  • What is its relationship to Health and Physical Education?
  • How do you encourage it?

Keywords: School, Teacher Development, Teaching

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