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By: Raw Education  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: School, Teachers, Teaching Methods

A three to five day set of workshops, discussions, and interactive talks aimed at governors, school managers, administrators, parents, and teachers. The duration is negotiated, according to need.

  1. To explain in detail a facilitated school management system.
  2. To demonstrate the benefits of contemporary curriculum writing styles.
  3. To encourage alternatives to the lecturing style of teaching.
  4. To describe holistic, developmental education in terms that can be communicated to a general audience.
Participants have the opportunity to:
  1. Discuss and understand Facilitated Shared Decision Making (FSDM).
  2. Interact with challenging new ideas for restructuring the way schools are managed.
  3. Examine the policies, mandates, job descriptions, and procedures to actualise FSDM.
  4. Understand contemporary style curriculum statements.
  5. Examine systems for managing teacher accountability.
  6. Clarify governance.
  7. Discuss the necessity for the school to have a development ethos.
  8. Develop a detailed implementation programme for building the school into a learning organisation.
  9. Sing for personal enjoyment.
Each session is offered in a range of styles.
  • Teaching methods are modelled;
  • lecturing is kept to a minimum.

What is Facilitated Shared Decision Making?

We have developed a school management model called Facilitated Shared Decision Making (FSDM). The system is especially appropriate for self-managing schools that wish to build a learning organisation where teachers have authentic authority within the organisation. FSDM employs recent research findings and overcomes internationally recognised difficulties in decentralised management. We present the system, which comes complete with the detailed documentation required for its implementation and governance, and train school leaders, teachers, and managers in its use.

To date (March 2004), six private schools in Australia and Canada have implemented the system; they report significant improvements in school ethos and efficiency resulting from FSDM.

Keywords: School, School Management, Shared Decision Making, Teachers, Teaching Methods,

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