Air Volume Controls

By: Ravenscroft  06-Dec-2011

The PTS unit can operate as a shut-off, control or adjustment damper depending on the product model. This damper is available for circular standard duct sizes 100 mm to 500 mm. Damper position is visually indicated below the operating mechanism.

The PTS/A is a shut-off damper of leakage class 4 according to the EN 1751 standard. It includes rubber gaskets to ensure low leakage flow when the damper is in closed position. The PTS/A is available with a handle for manual operation or with an electric actuator for on-off control or for modulating control using a 0..10 VDC control signal.

The PTS/B can be used for airflow control or adjustment of airflow rates in the ductwork. It includes a steel blade without gasket. Like the PTS/A, the PTS/B can be used manually or with a electric actuator.

The PTS/C is an airflow adjustment damper. The damper blade is a perforated blade that is acoustically and operationally designed for balancing of airflow rates.

Other products and services from Ravenscroft


Chilled beams

Indoor climate conditions are easily optimised when spaces are changed according to individual needs or from open-plan to cellular offices or meeting rooms. Passive chilled beams are often used with underfloor supply or with displacement ventilation to provide additional cooling and fresh air requirement. Positioning of the passive beams is flexible, and the units can be placed within a suspended ceiling, above a grid ceiling or fully exposed.


Belimo actuators

Belimo offers the world’s widest range of products for the motorized operation of final controlling elements in HVAC systems – for air and water systems, for greater protection against fire and smoke and for the individual control of room air by means of VAV Boxes. Belimo actuators use the best possible electric motors and gearing and also employ highly-sophisticated electronics for their control.


Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

This means a better air quality and a more comfortable environment for the chefs, as well confidence that the maximum amount of carcinogenic cooking fumes have been removed the kitchen. With their lower air volumes Halton hoods also provide and pleasant environment for the kitchen staff to work in. As a result Halton kitchen hoods require smaller fans and ducting, which provides savings in the building costs.


Halton diffusers

BCF floor diffusers are designed for installation in raised floor systems like auditoriums, conference rooms, theatres, where a high level of comfort and conveyance is required. Air is supplied into the space through the front panel at a low velocity, mixing with room air above the diffuser.


Central Vacuum Cleaners

This vacuuming system saves money by increasing work efficiency; it also wears less on the furniture and surfaces, it has a long service cycle and a minimal need for maintenance. The Puzair central vacuum cleaning systems are ideas for cleaning in hotels, offices, hospitals, airports, passenger terminals, libraries and day care centres.


CIAT HVAC Products

The advantages of JET+ technology include adjustable airstream distribution in four directions for optimum coverage of the occupied space while eliminating draughts. Increased velocity of the air streams thanks to the aerodynamics of the curved airfoil increases the coverage of the air streams and the induction rate.