Out sourced software and web development

By: Rad Inks  06-Dec-2011

Dynamic Web Sites and Web applications

Let the same web master of the The first Asian Electronic Novel work on your site.

We design search engine friendly websites that are highly ranked and receive a large number of vistors each day.

Our specialty is in creating web based application using popular technologies such as J2EE and PHP. Backed up by certified Database Administrators, we are perfectly position to create your ebusiness suit.

We also offer complete solutions that include, application design, development, hosting and maintenance.

Web Enabling Legacy Applications.

Thinking of bringing your older ANSI C/C++ applications to the web? this is just the kind of work our software engineers are well equipped to handle. Some of these developers cut their teeth on embedded systems and they are thoroughly familiar with C programming.

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Traditionally applets are not used for socket communications due to java sandbox limitation. Created in pure java it's available for windows, linux and Macintosh operating systems.