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By: Qwerty  06-Dec-2011


One of the main ingredients in providing an excellent product, is the quality of the components in the design. At Qwerty Systems, when we design our direct digital control systems, lowest price is not the deciding factor in the products we use. Some of the design criteria we consider include:

  • Proven Dependability
  • Ease of Service
  • Consistency & Repeatability
  • Availability & Longevity, (non-obsolescence)
  • End User Friendliness
  • Industry Standardization
  • Warranty

By approaching the control design with the above in mind, Qwerty Systems delivers systems that are competitive, easy to use, reliable and long lasting. 

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Qwerty Systems NZ Building Automation Systems - services

Services and after sales suppo rt: We offer service and maintenance contracts of varying degrees of cover to include guaranteed response times, on-line or dial-up support, help desk and remote or on-site troubleshooting. We produce description of operation, DDC point list, Equipment schedules, control panel and schematic drawings in support of an application.